Portfolio Project: Adam Williams

Portfolio Project: At Black Box Gallery we come across many outstanding portfolios of photographers work. The Portfolio Project is a way for us to promote a selection of those photographers [...]

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Photographer: Matthew Albanese

Matthew Albanese was born in New Jersey in 1983. Albanese got his Bachelors Degree in Fine Arts from the State University of New York. After graduating he became a fashion [...]


Museum Exhibitions

Here is a list of a few current museum exhibitions that have a focus on photography. You can visit their websites to get more information about these exhibitions. Or if [...]


Ampersand: Book Talk with Nicolas Lampert

Book Talk with Nicolas Lampert A People’s Art History of the United States Next Wednesday! August 20 at 7:00PM Ampersand is thrilled to present a night with Milwaukee-based interdisciplinary artist [...]

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Photographer: Gustavo Lacerda

Gustavo Lacerda was born in Belo Horizonte, Brazil in 1970. His mother a housewife and his father a surgeon. In 1990 he went to the University of Minas Gerais for [...]

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Photography Tripods

A tripod is a great tool for improving your photography. It allows you to contemplate the composition more accurately and slowly. The tripod also allows you to be more critical [...]

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Photographer: Joanna Knox Yoder

Joanna Knox Yoder grew up in Burtonsville, Maryland. Her home town was once a small farm town and today is a bustling suburb near Washington D.C. Surrounded around antiques and [...]

BlueDye#1 Cliffs

Photographer: Barbara Ciurej & Lindsay Lochman, Collaborative Projects

Barbara Ciurej & Lindsay Lochman Collaborative Projects Both Barbara Ciurej and Lindsay Lochman went to The Institute of Design + Illinois Institute of Technology. Barbara received her Bachelors Degree and [...]